Shipping and Order

Once we confirm your order, the order status will automatically be reflected on your Accounts page; updated once the item(s) is/are released, and once the item(s) is/are shipped.

Our official courier handles all our shipment processes. Generally, delivery time is 3-5 working days, but during peak or typhoon season, it may take up to one business week.

Our apologies for the delay. Please send us an email with your order number at [email protected] and we get back with you as we can.

Sure! For verification purposes, just shoot us an email or send us a message of the authorization letter and the name of the person claiming.

Shop & Pay

We are DTI registered online jewelry store.

Choose the jewelry that speaks to you, place your order, pay, and wait for the delivery of the jewelry of your dreams!

Debit or Credit Card (VISA or Mastercard)

We accept real-time online credit card payments Debit or Credit Card (VISA or Mastercard) powered by PayMongo.

Yes, we accept credit card payments powered by PayMongo.

For security purposes, we do not. Sorry!

PayMongo is a PCI Service Provider Level 1 compliant payment provider. PayMongo have been audited by an independent PCI-certified auditor through the most stringent compliance process available in the payments industry.

PayMongo also enforces HSTS which is a web security protocol mechanism that enforces browsers to interact with PayMongo strictly through HTTPS. This ensures encryption of your data, thus protecting you from malicious actors using man in the middle attacks.

About Your Jewelry

All our items are genuine and authentic gold! We don’t sell gold-plated fashion accessories.

Details (karat, size, length, gold color, etc.) of our jewelry can be found in the description beside the jewelry image.

There may be items in our Online store that cannot be found in our physical store and vice versa.

All our fine jewelry is crafted and made of gold. It is of value and is pawnable. Pawn value is guaranteed at 50% if pawned at our partner pawnshop, Sun Gate Pawnshop, Inc. with the following conditions: item is in good condition and presented with the Guarantee Card.

Return, Refund & Exchange

Thank you for your purchase! We hope you are delighted and satisfied with the product. However, if the converse is true with your purchase for any reason, we would like to explain that while we DO NOT HAVE a return or refund policy, we strive to ensure that your purchase from inquiry to shipping is done under strict conditions to meet our standards in delivering the best and quality product to you. All sales are considered final.

Accidents during shipment do happen, but don’t worry! Just send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll see what we can do!

Uh oh, we may have overlooked the shipping. We’re really sorry! Just send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll sort this out in no time.