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Rings make a statement! Where they’re worn often is an indicator of status, marital or otherwise.

It’s a Ring-ing Statement!

Everywhere in the world, wearing rings to signify status is a common and accepted practice. But did you know that each finger where the ring is worn has an attached meaning? Here we list the commonly accepted meanings across different cultures:

1. Little Finger

In pop culture, wearing rings on the little/pinky fingers are often depicted in mafia families. It signifies wealth and power. Traditionally, British royalty also wear rings on their little fingers. Wearing two rings on the pinky used to mean a person was previously married. The bottom ring was the wedding ring, with a signet ring on top.

2. Ring Finger

Traditionally the finger where wedding rings are often worn. If you are not getting engaged or married, there’s no real reason why you can’t wear rings on your ring finger. Just remember that people might jump to false conclusions on your marital status.

3. Middle Finger

While this may not be true across all cultures, wearing a ring on your middle finger is seen as a way for a woman to indicate that she is neither engaged nor married. Rings worn on this finger are quite noticeable and can symbolize power, balance and stability.

4. Index Finger

Wearing rings on this finger is believed to symbolize self-confidence, spirituality and ambition. In olden times, royalty wore rings on this finger, and their subjects or visitors would bow down and kiss these rings as a sign of respect.

5. Thumb Finger

Traditionally, a ring worn on this finger has been seen as a symbol of wealth, as it’s costlier to make a ring fit that will fit on a thumb. There is an old belief that putting a ring on your thumb provides protection against evil spirits.

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