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For the average Filipino from a middle class family, Jewelry is often passed down from generation to generation. You might remember your lola passing a ring, necklace, or even an heirloom to you or a relative. It’s a fairly common tradition across all cultures, and the value of gold and precious stones is well understood all over the world. Jewelry is bought, gifted, or earned for various reasons, including celebrations of love, milestones, or just for fashion, as well as simply as a status symbol.

Ancient Egyptians historically adorned themselves with gold jewelry

Jewelry has always been worn as adornment for as far back as ancient times, and the practice still continues today. So if you’re thinking about making a sensible, timeless investment, you can never go wrong with Jewelry. Just be sure you know its exact value, or if not, get a legitimate appraiser to find out its worth. Compared to other forms of investment, jewelry can be easily sold as it is very liquid.

For many smart investors, it makes sense to invest in jewelry. And if in case you find yourself in dire need of money, it can easily be converted into cash should the need arise. Just be prepared to part with your jewelry especially if it has sentimental value.

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