What To Gift The Best Mom In The World

Moms are always the word when it comes to taking care of the family. So on a day every year, make it special and show this lady how much you appreciate her by buying her genuine gold jewelry, a precious metal that increases in value every year, just like her!


Here are Alahas Baratilyo’s suggested ideas that would suit any budget:


For the mom who collects earrings, we have the Hoop Bubble Tube Earrings, 18 Karat Saudi Gold is a versatile and modern piece for the modern and minimalist mom. This pair of hoops can either be paired with a white shirt or a K-fashion, date night dress.


Infinity Earrings, 18 Karat Saudi Gold, Size 12mm are perfect to show that you love this woman to infinity and beyond! You can have many friends but only one mom, your first true love in life. Perfect for formal occasions, perfectly made for the woman with a distinct style.


Center Heart Bracelet, 18 Karat Saudi , Size 7.5″. This unique bracelet features a flat heart woven within the chain bracelet, just like a mom who holds her family near to heart, the heart on this bracelet is not removable.

₱3,410.00 – ₱3,503.00

Infinity Centered Bracelet, 18 Karat Saudi Gold, size 7.5 inches. Nothing says forever in your heart than an infinity design chain bracelet, this is definitely a beautiful, one-of-a-kind design, just like your mom.


A Necklace is a mom’s versatile jewelry piece to complete an outfit;

Love Heart Necklace, 16 inch chain, 18 Karat Saudi Gold is a pendant-chain piece. Inside the flat pendant is the word love, because nothing in this world is as sweet as the love of a mom, tell her how much you appreciate her everyday with this cute bauble.


Winged Heart Necklace, 16 inch chain, 18 Karat Saudi Gold, features a double heart with angel wings. This classic statement piece is dainty and is perfect for the office or a work-from-home attire.

₱4,464.00 – ₱5,053.00

Heart Key Pendant, 18 Karat Saudi Gold, size 20mm. This unique design features a vintage style key and a tiny puff heart. A perfect gift for the woman who holds the key to their hearts!



CZ Heart Pendant, 18 Karat Saudi Gold, this solid gold, this  pendant comes in both medium to large size and is studded with zirconia stones to uplift any dress up day at work or at play. Perfect for the woman who lights up your world everyday.

₱3,348.00 – ₱4,123.00

Lady’s 2-Heart Ring, size 5.5, 18 Karat Saudi Gold. The ring is a statement piece for collectors of heart style jewelry.  It features a heart within a heart design, simple, elegant and stylish.

Love Knot Ring, size 5.5, 18 Karat Saudi Gold. This ring features a heart ribbon and knot style that is graceful and dainty. Perfect for everyday wear.

₱3,411.00 – ₱3,131.00

Featuring our Pica Flower set, sold separately. This set is an heirloom piece and can stay in style for many decades to come, a precious mom deserves beautiful pieces that complement her look for many years to come.


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