What is a Lay Away Plan?

             At Alahas Baratilyo we offer the layaway plan as a purchasing method. The client first places a deposit on an item to “lay it away” for later shipping until they come back and pay the balance. The product is considered reserved once the downpayment has been made and will be considered temporarily sold to the client until full payment is received.

Things you need to know about Lay Away Plan

This refers to the item being temporarily on hold until the final payment is made. It will only happen when the down payment amount specified was confirmed as received by Alahas Baratilyo.

Deposit is 20% of the total amount inclusive of the processing fee. Deposit should be made on the date mentioned when the lay-away plan has been approved.  If the buyer fails to deposit on the said date, the lay-away plan will be forfeited and the item will be out for sale again. 

Deposits can be made through G-cash, bank transfer, credit card and bank deposit.

Prices are locked despite the increase/decrease of gold price.

Your remaining balance (Total Price less Deposit) will be divided by your terms of payment, which will represent your minimum monthly due.

Payments must be made monthly (Every 30 days, except the month of February). Upon deposit, you will be given a monthly payment schedule which will show the amounts that you must pay per month.

If you have not paid your minimum monthly due within 15 days from your monthly payment deadline through your reservation will automatically be canceled and the order will be opened for sale to the general public again. You may still be refunded your earlier payments less the cancellation fee.
Deposited amount can be used to purchase another item within 30 days.

refers to the specific date of each week/month when you have to make your payment. This payment deadline is usually based on the payment date for the initial deposit of the Layaway purchase.

Take note that your payment deadline is non-extendible. Your LayAway purchase must be fully paid within the original term. Please understand that we are also taking a big risk by reserving the item for you when others could easily pay it in full also.

We will issue you a refund of all your payments made LESS the cancellation fee, processing fee and interest paid. Refunds may be made through bank deposit only.

*Amounts are rounded off to the nearest tens. 

 A late fee of 2% will be charged if payment was made within 15 days after the due date. 

A fee of 10% of all the total payments made or a minimum cancellation fee of P500, whichever is higher, will be charged on all orders canceled. The cancellation fee applies whether the cancellation is due to the late payment of the customer or due to the unilateral cancellation by the buyer. 

The buyer has the option to apply the remaining balance to another item in the store. If they decide to do another lay-a-way, the process will start from the beginning.



All items on Alahas Baratilyo website or during the live selling on Facebook. 

You may pay your items in Full at any time prior to the end of your terms of payment.

your payments for the LayAway purchase of one product cannot be shifted or transferred for the balance of another LayAway purchase. For Example, your payments for your LayAway purchase of item A cannot be transferred to your payments in your LayAway purchase of item B.

Items reserved under a Layaway contract will only be shipped or delivered on a workday after the full payment has been made.

You can check your balance in your account by logging into the website. You may request a written record of your payments at any time. You will receive a receipt for each payment made towards the balance due.

It is essential and necessary that the customer must always keep the receipts issued for the payment of the Layaway purchase because it will be necessary in reconciling any differences that may arise.

Since Alahas Baratilyo is solely an online store, there is no option for pick up. Once the item has been shipped by the seller using all information given by the buyer, the buyer can follow up with our preferred shipper for the delivery time.

Or administrative fees shall be shouldered by the buyer. 4.5% of the total amount + Php 17 pesos.

How to apply for a Lay Away Plan

Step 1

Go to Shop Page and choose your jewelry.

Step 2

Go to your Cart to fill up your Shipping Address. Copy item name and variations.

Step 3

Tap on messenger button below to chat with our customer service to complete Lay-Away Plan.