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Diamond-Cut Hoop Earrings


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Diamond-Cut Hoop Earrings is an elegant and timeless investment of jewelry pieces – only at Alahas Baratilyo. Get yours now for a very affordable price! This is timeless jewelry, a very nice jewelry piece.

Diamond-Cut Hoop Earrings is available here with Alahas Baratilyo. Shop now for earrings that you love!

All our items are #pawnable #realgold #legit 

Feel free to visit our Facebook page as well, as we do live sessions and live selling. Likewise, we stream simultaneously with our Instagram account.

We stand with our tagline that our pieces of jewelry are Basic, Elegant, and Timeless.

Instead of investing in gadgets, you can trust the value of gold! They don’t depreciate easily, but rather appreciate in the years to come. Gold is the currency that is accepted worldwide, so invest now for your timeless jewelry!

Who we are and some background information about the company.

Alahas Baratilyo started as a small store along a busy street in the heart of Zamboanga City. Their passion had always been to provide quality merchandise at an affordable price. Today, this family-owned shop decided to venture into online selling to serve jewelry lovers located all over the country. Alahas Baratilyo continues to source their materials for those looking for beautiful yet affordable pieces, simply made for the fashionista yet practical individual.

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DescriptionFlat Hoop Earrings (4.18g) is an elegant and timeless investment of jewelry pieces - only at Alahas Baratilyo. It is Saudi Gold and its size is 50mm.