What is AB Reseller?

      An AB reseller buys jewelries from  Alahas Baratilyo with the objective of selling them later at a higher price. Resellers purchase the goods from AB in bulk, so they typically receive discounts. All goods must be paid in full before items are shipped to the reseller or the reseller’s customers.

      AB resellers sell to their own consumers through the act of reselling, bringing goods and customer services to end users. The AB reseller is responsible for their own pricing of the goods and shipping fees involved in the transaction.
The AB reseller will shoulder the cost of marketing and selling the products they get from AB.

FAQs For AB Resellers

You earn by price mark up of each piece of AB jewelry. AB will pack the jewelry for your convenience with a box and plastic container to secure the jewelry.

The profits depend on your price mark-up. We do not impose our own mark-ups on our resellers.

AB will supply the pieces ordered by the clients of the resellers, provided that it is still in the AB inventory.

You can start small with a few pieces or you can request for a particular design to be sourced by AB.  You may also grab pictures from AB and advertise it on your page, we allow our resellers to rebrand the pictures from the images folder being shared.

Lower cost of buying hard to find pieces, the reseller can have the option to buy in bulk, and get discounts per gram.
Save time and money sourcing on your pieces for your store.  You can be sure that our pieces are real gold and have a high appraisal value. You are also sure the gold content is correct ie. 18k or 21k jewelry pieces.

You may download our catalog here.

How to become an AB Reseller

Step 1

Tap on messenger button below to chat with our customer service to apply.

Step 2

Go to Shop Page and choose your jewelries.

Step 3

Go to your Cart to fill up your Shipping Address, choose your Payment Method and Checkout.